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Welcome to the home page of the Bassett Family Association

This website deals with matters related to the Bassett surname.

The BFA History tells about the "old" Association and how the new one came to pass.

Newsletters - Newsletters starting in April 2003 are now linked. Splinters From The Tree will change to blog format in 2014.

Branches and Projects - Some are DNA related and some are not. So even if you are not participating in a DNA study, be sure to see what branches and projects are taking place. DNA has shown us that there are a lot of branches to the Bassett Family Tree that are not related in the last 25+ generations. A page on each major branch will be added over time, showing the members descended from that branch. Meanwhile, there is a link to the branches that were formerly called "lines". In the future, there might also be links to descendant charts and/or gedcoms.

The DNA Project currently has the link to the Excel spreadsheet that has an overview of all the Bassett lineages for which DNA testing has been done and the y-chromosome signature determined.

A further explanation of the "lines" - this text file has information on the lines of descent of the various Bassett surname lineages. Please note the # that starts a name in the DNA spreadsheet (example #1A), then click on "Lines" to see the list in numerical order. For the example, you will see that #1A is William Bassett (Fortune 1621). This list is the master list of all the various Bassett families that the Association is the clearing house for.

Books - has Bassett books, author, title, and availability.

Links - to sites that might help with your Bassett genealogy.

Blog - Splinters from the Tree soon to be in blog format

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